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This fairytale treehouse in Hokuto, Japan is supported by a single cypress trunk and surrounded by a bevy of cherry blossom trees. Built by architect Terunobu Fujimori for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, the charming treehouse is actually a Japanese teahouse that was built specifically for enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

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A relaxing view by danosk

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ceiba pentandra

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Sedated ~ Glenn Brady

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Marc Bijl - An effort to close the void.


Marc Bijl - An effort to close the void.

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Something must be said. Nothing was said.
Virginia Woolf, from Jacob’s Room (via fleurstains)

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What’s Wrong with Sentimentality?

What does it mean to be a tourist inside someone else’s suffering? Sometimes, it means taking a bus ride through Los Angeles’s gang-ridden neighborhoods, or watching a former addict bleed and sweat and grow blisters as he tries to run a hundred miles, or visiting a man in jail.

Leslie Jamison has done all that, and more.

But how does another person’s suffering affect one’s own emotional intelligence? What are you supposed to do with someone else’s pain?

Jamison does not know the answer. But she searches for it by writing about episodes of attempted empathy in her own life—for example, the time she became “obsessed” with her brother’s bout of Bell’s palsy: “I spent large portions of each day imagining how I would feel if my face was paralyzed too. I stole my brother’s trauma and projected it onto myself like a magic-lantern pattern of light.” Was that empathy, Jamison wonders, or was it a kind of emotional theft?

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I’ve been meaning to tell you:
I cannot comprehend your changing ways—

from balm to shovel, from padlock to light snow.

The moment I look back, I sour and see again

your lips shaping the words

I will follow you, each syllable tender as teeth.

Recommended Reading: Anne Barngrover’s poem “My Lover Vows to Follow Me Even after He Leaves Me" at Paper Darts. (via millionsmillions)
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I write to close my eyes.
Franz Kafka

as quoted by Jenny Offill in Dept. of Speculation (via proustitute)
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bluepueblo :

Island House, Finlandia

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Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star

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This is Cat Island. It is located in Tashirojima which is a small island in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. With a population inhabited by mostly cats. 

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Imre Kinszki     XIV District, Budapest     Undated

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The abandoned Miranda Castle in Belgium (by kleiner hobbit)